Robby Anderson: Arrests not acceptable, I’ve grown a lot

Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson has been arrested twice in the last two years, but the most serious charges related to each incident wound up being dropped by authorities in Florida.

Anderson did plead no contest to a misdemeanor reckless driving charge and received six months of probation from the court as a result, but Anderson said he’s still learned lessons from those experiences. Anderson said on NFL Network that being real cautious with things now is among the changes he’s made after his legal issues.

Todd Steussie, Vikings tackle: We’re having our intrasquad scrimmage down in Mankato, it’s like the second Saturday of training camp, and Denny would divide the team up. It wasn’t full live [contact], but it was live on the running backs and receivers. Tackle to the ground. Yellow jersey for the quarterbacks. So Randy was on the other team, and I remember watching him on a play where Randall Cunningham whipped the ball out—he was rushed in his throw and he chucked it in the air. It looked like a wildly overthrown pass, and Randy just somehow ran under it. He caught up to a ball that was just thrown downfield to get it out of Randall’s hands.

Brandin Cooks has shown himself to be a class act on and off the field since the first day he joined our team, Rams head coach Sean McVay said in a statement. He’s a proven professional in this league and signing him to a long-term contract was always our goal. We’re excited to keep Brandin in a Rams uniform through 2023.

The Rams were clear about their desire to extend Cooks ever since acquiring him. Now that they have come to an agreement, they can turn their attention back toward talks with defensive tackle Aaron Donald about the deal he’s been trying to land for most of the last two years.

Finally, on January 2, it was announced that Lewis would be back. Guenther told him about his opportunity in Oakland. Lewis and Bengals ownership offered him a long-term contract and pay raise, but Guenther decided it was time for a change. With Gruden on an unprecedented 10-year deal, the Raiders, even with a move to Vegas upcoming, had a more stable situation. Plus Gruden is an offensive guy; in many respects, Guenther would be the de facto defensive head coach. He’d had a similar role in Cincinnati, though that wasn’t the perception given Lewis’s background as a defensive coordinator.

It was nothing against Cincinnati—I love that organization, I love those players, Marvin was great to me, Guenther says. It was just an opportunity to go somewhere else and see someone else do a head coaching job. Jon’s very unique in the way he runs things, it’s very different than what I was used to.

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