Bates has plenty of it. He expects it from his players.

Bates coaching style is not to dwell on negative plays. He is a former college quarterback (at Tennessee, Rice) and views coaching offense like a quarterback throwing an interception. On to the next play. Correct it and keep it moving.

The Miami Dolphins, the Chicago Bears and the Lions are also in mandatory camps this week. The Dolphins have not won a Super Bowl since 1973. The Bears since 1985. The Lions, never. All three would take New England’s five Super Bowl titles, current hangover and assaults gladly.

Since the Patriots reside in the AFC East, their critics offer that there will be ample time during the season for the Patriots to adjust. Few believe that Buffalo, Miami or the Jets, as has been the continual case, are ready to seriously challenge the Patriots in this division.

NFL teams knew Olgetree was available. One general manager from the Rams NFC West peers told me that he studied Olegtree’s tape from last season and kept looking for reasons to invest in him. But he said he saw Olgetree not finish as many plays as he had in previous seasons and decided to pass.

But holding out for more money this time of year is essentially scheduled programming. The storylines might be a little bit different — maybe a player won’t have some kind of social media cleanse like Jones did, or they won’t be nearly as cordial as Jones and the Falcons have — but the players have to get their money when they can, whether that’s from their current team, or somewhere else.

Based on these win totals, retired NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz offered up two of his favorite bets to make this offseason. Yes, one of them is for the team he took the field for most recently, the New York Giants.

And one area where he absolutely slaughters Ocho is in the postseason. Owens didn’t shy away from the biggest spotlights of his career. While there are plenty of playoff clunkers on his resume, he came up big when his teams needed him the most. Most notably in San Francisco:

Bates, 41, began his NFL coaching career in 2002 and has worked under Jon Gruden, Mike Shanahan, and Pete Carroll. He has not been an NFL offensive coordinator since 2010, in Seattle.

That lasted one season.

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